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All products intended for sale on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union are subject to assessment for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR, or, in other words, the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union).

Today more than forty technical regulations have come into force to regulate the quality and safety requirements for product categories such as:

  • electrics — CU TR 004/2011 “On safety of low-voltage equipment” and CU TR 020/2011 “Hardware electromagnetic compatibility”;
  • food — CU TR 021/2011 “On foodstuff safety”;
  • packaging — CU TR 005/2011 “On package safety”;
  • adult and children’s clothing — CU TR 007/2011 “On safety of the products for kids and teenagers” and CU TR 017/2011 “On safety of soft goods”;
  • toys — CU TR 008/2011 “On safety of toys”;
  • furniture — CU TR 025/2012 “On safety of furniture products”;
  • auto parts and cars — CU TR 018/2011 “On safety of wheeled vehicles”;
  • complex equipment — CU TR 010/2011 “On safety of machinery and equipment”;
  • other products (a complete list of technical regulations of the Customs Union can be found in the “Accreditation area” section).

The procedure for confirming the conformity of products is a multi-step sequence of actions during which the manufacturer or importer attends to the testing laboratories (testing centers) accredited in the Customs Union and the product certification bodies to prove the conformity of their products with the standards and requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The task of the testing center is to carry out laboratory tests of product quality and safety. Based on the results of the research, the laboratory issues its conclusion on the conformity or non-compliance of products with the requirements of technical regulations, which is formalized in the form of a test report. Next, the certification body takes the case.

The task of the accredited certification body is to analyze the evidence base for the compliance of products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union and issue permissive documentation: a certificate or declaration of compliance of the Customs Union. The basis of the evidence base is, first of all, the results of the laboratory tests of the testing center accredited in the Customs Union, as well as the factory test reports, the registration documents of the manufacturer or supplier, information on the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system and other sources capable of proving the quality and safety of products.

Each certification body and testing center must have appropriate accreditation and be included in the Unified Register of Certification Bodies and Test Laboratories (Centers) of the Customs Union.

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